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I have meme'd! - Puppy's Kennel
I have meme'd!
gakked from my darling moondropz!!!

Pick a word that starts with the first letter of you first name: my real name??? JENSEN!!!
Without saying names say something to three people. : ???
Is your profile private? : nope
What’s something that always gives you the chills? : can i say jensen?
Do you do your own laundry? : yeah. no one else is gunna do it!!!
What do people think about you that isn’t true? that i'm really tough. no, wait.....i didn't say that at all!!! honest!!!
How many months until your birthday? : less than 2.
What are you listening to? : my dog, nipper, yawning.
Does it bother you when your friends bring up your past mistakes? mistakes? what mistakes???
Name the first person you can think of that you know that has a tattoo? : me???
Is there a guy who knows everything or just about everything about you? : no. i don't think even i know everything about me!
Do you like winter time? : after 43 degrees celsius day and 34 overnight? hell yeah!!! i freakin' love winter!!!
What was the last movie you saw? : saw VI
Did you ever lose a best friend? : Yes, cathy died from lung cancer. it'll be 13 years next month. :-(
Who is the first girl you’d go to if there was something wrong? : best mate, probably.
Do you believe that if you want something bad enough you’ll get it? : with the number of times i've had concerts and such perfectly organised and someone else screws it up??? hell no!!!
Do you like to cuddle? : only with special people. *cough* jensen *cough*
Are you ticklish? : a little bit, here and there.
Last time you had butterflies in your stomach? : last time i was on a plane???
What’s the best feeling in the world? : giving/doing something for someone else or hugging jensen, with him hugging right back. they're both awesome!!!
Can you play guitar hero? : no idea. never tried it.
How’s your heart lately? : not too bad, considering.
Are you a jealous person? : not particularly.
Any plans for tomorrow? : work, again!!!!
Do you wear the hood on your hoodie? : sometimes, but not very often.
What was one thing you always loved at parks when you were little? : seesaws.
Would you rather be called hot, cute, or beautiful? none of the above???
What’s the last thing you laughed really hard over? : the munchkin!!! she's a crack up!!!
Who did you call first this morning? : a client at work, since she didn't ring me back yesterday, cheeky woman!!!
Last night, did you go to sleep smiling? yes, at jensen!
Any summer plans for 2010? : it is summer over here and i'm still working!
The last song you heard? : deceiver - Disturbed.
How long can you go without your phone? : depends where i am. have gone days without using one at home, but have no choice at work as we have to log into a help line.
Were you happy when you woke up today? : hell no!!!!! i need more sleep!!!!!!
Are you missing someone? : dad and my bestest friend. :-(
If you could go back in time, how far back would you go? the 80's weren't too bad.
Are you the youngest person living in your house? yep, unless you count nipper!
If there were no letters on the keys on your keyboard, could you still type? : type? yes. be able to read it? hell no!!!
Do you still speak to any of your classmates from elementary school? 1 occasionally.
Do you believe that there’s good in everybody? : i have my doubts, especially about dumbass!!!
Anything you’re currently looking forward to? SPN!!!! and chicago con in october!!!!!
Who was the last girl you saw? : sadly, it was dumbass. :-(
Who was the last boy you saw? : pete, a guy i work with. there are actually 2 pete's, but this is the other one.
Where will you be this time next year? : do i look like i have a freakin' crystal ball???
Anything special happen today? : i left work, that's always good!
Do you wish you were somewhere else right now? : can i say where ever jensen is???
What kinda of shirt are you wearing? SPN tshirt. "you should be afraid of the dark"
Does it take a lot to make you cry? : most of the time, yeah, but there are a few movies (probably not any you're thinking of) and dean winchester can usually do it to me!!!
How do you feel when the opposite sex cries in front of you? : have rarely seen it, but it's kool. no reason they can't.
Are you the same as you were a year ago? i doubt it....
Has anybody ever given you butterflies? : can i say jensen???
Has anything happened to you in the past month that made you really mad? : not in the last month, no, but before then.....
Do you think you can last in a relationship for 6 months or more ? : i have. not sure i really want to repeat the experience, though.
Are you traveling anytime soon? i travel to work every day, does that count? then there's chicago and ohio in october....
Have you ever taken anyone/anything for granted? : i try not to...
Do you tend to make things complicated? : hell no. KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid!!!
Whose bed did you sleep in last night? mine
Have you ever cried so hard you felt like you were going to throw up ? hell yeah!!! i've also coughed so hard i did throw up!!!
Do you think you cry a lot ? : no. hardly ever. except for that damn dean winchester!!!
Who was the last person you said I love you to? : damn!!! i was supposed to remember that??? actually, it would probably be the munchkin. she's so damn cute!!!

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moondropz From: moondropz Date: January 14th, 2010 03:15 pm (UTC) (Link)
Hee! I love memes like these! Yay! OMG I cannot wait to finally meet you in October! ChicagoCon here we come!
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