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OMGz!!! the stalker meme for poor jensen, with moi as stalker!!! - Puppy's Kennel
OMGz!!! the stalker meme for poor jensen, with moi as stalker!!!

Get one of your own! by Drunken Hero

Stalked again, a rant by Jensen Ackles.

a_sick_puppy is stalking Jensen Ackles
a_sick_puppy's REAL name :Wimberly Rushe
a_sick_puppy's REAL DOB :14th November 1987
Height :164 cmWeight : 94.1 kg
a_sick_puppy has dreamt about you : 22 times
a_sick_puppy became interested in you : 18th October 2005
a_sick_puppy's latest dream about you
Both you and a_sick_puppy are working in an animal sanctuary together. a_sick_puppy suggests that you retire to the empty ape sanctuary for a while for a bit of role-play.
This is how a_sick_puppy describes your relationship behind your back
'Jensen Ackles is my best friend in the whole world. When he dies I'm thinking of stuffing him and placing him beside my television.'
a_sick_puppy's been stealing stuff from your house too.
a_sick_puppy has a vast collection of Jensen Ackles's mothers cuttlery lying around their bedroom. For some reason only known to God
They've even started modifying their body for you
a_sick_puppy took a bit far when they gouged your name into their arm with a tablespoon.
They sent the following message to you in a Valentines
I think I've just creamed myself thinking about you. There's no tissue paper in the house to clear up the mess so I've used this card instead.

The Police
No. calls to the police : 21 times
Your Last Call to The Police
"Look, I need help now. A friend of mine is on top of my roof and they're threatening to kill themselves unless I accept their marriage proposal. Fuck! I just heard a massive thud! Jesus they've done it!"
a_sick_puppy's Police File
It's quite obvious to us that a_sick_puppy is clinically insane and should be sectioned immediately.

Testimonies about a_sick_puppy
Tuan Donne - Spaced out junkie
'I'm gonna kill Jensen Ackles for being such a snide fucker. Who does he think he is? I'd love to give him a right slap in the chops! a_sick_puppy is a brilliant person.'
Spradlin Cannon - A boring stoner
'Boring. I know Jensen Ackles and a_sick_puppy really love each other. They are both just seeking attention. Just get married and stop the fucking games already! Jesus!'
Gail Jordan - Nosy old hen
'a_sick_puppy's obsession with breastfeeding should have acted as an insight into their warped mind. I can't believe I overlooked it for so long. Jesus.'
Almond Wait - Drunken Posse
'Thank Christ I never let a_sick_puppy into my house. God the thought of it all gives me the creeps!'

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