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Dumbass, the continuing saga! - Puppy's Kennel
Dumbass, the continuing saga!
so, maybe some of you don't know about dumbass, my mortal enemy!!! i have to work with the stoopid bitch, doezn't mean i gotta like it!
any way, i had the day off yesterday, due to some nasty tummy bug i picked up at work. today i go back in and the girlz from the other team tell me "you are moving deskz." i'm like "wot??? where am i going?" and wot do they tell me??? that i'm gunna be sitting directly behind dumbass!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! wot have i done to deserve that???
they start saying "oh now we're gunna hear 'puppy, did you watch blah blah last night?' and 'puppy, just let me tell you about blah blah blah.'" and they were laughing, the bitchez!!! i told them "no!!! wot you will be hearing iz the smack of my fist as it hitz her head! or a really loud FUCK OFF!!!!! followed by the sound of breaking glass as she headz out the window!!!"
when my boss got in i asked him "are we moving?" he'z all like "oh, yeah, i woz gunna tell you about that." he said i had a choice, either a window seat or an aisle seat. now, normally i would go for the window seat? but not when she iz right behind me!!! so i told him straight, you sit me next to the window, next to her and i'm throwing her out the freakin' window!!! he said the only other option iz right on the end, next to the passage everyone walkz through. hehehe, i said bring it on! it'z better than having dumbass within punching distance!!! besidez, the other girl iz her friend (god knowz why) so she can put up with her crap!!! so, long story, short, i don't have to sit next to her any more!
*doez the bunny happy dance*
any way, it get'z to being past 10am, which iz supposed to be the latest you can arrive at work without calling in and she'z not at her desk. :-) so i asked the girl who sitz next to her "izn't dumbass coming in today?" she sayz "yeah, she'z supposed to be in. as far as the boss knowz, he'z expecting her to come in. besidez, it'z only twenty to eleven!" the rest of us in the team cracked up!!! LMAO, ONLY twenty to eleven??? anyone else pulled that crap and we'd be in big trouble, but not dumbass!!! i guess the boss has realized that there'z really no point. it'z like talking to a brick wall. anything he tellz her doezn't go in one ear and out the other, it goez straight over her head. she rolled up about five minutez later, goez straight to her desk and actz like nothing happened. eventually, about half an hour later, she finally logged onto the phone network, then, as usual, iz on the phone for a good half hour speaking greek, or macedonian, or wotever the hell it iz she speakz to her family. statz alwayz show she takez a hell of a lot less phone callz than anyone else, but she makez a lot more out-going callz. well of course she doez!!! she'z alwayz on the phone to various memberz of her family!!! i bet if they got a list of the numberz she callz, most of them would be the same numberz over and over again. AND all of them would speak wotever damn language it iz she speakz!!!
mkay, i've got that out of my system. i'm good, now!

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