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searching for the perfect jensen ackles pic - Puppy's Kennel
searching for the perfect jensen ackles pic
well, anyone who happenz to read this, teh puppy iz searching for the perfect jensen ackles picture!!!

why??? you may well ask....... but totally aside from the fact that i am talking about the adorable jensen ackles, and who wouldn't want the perfect pic of the perfect man, i am looking seriously at getting a tattoo done of jensen.

you don't think i would do it??? lmao, do you think i am known as sick puppy for nothing??? but seriously, why wouldn't i??? i already have 20 tattooz, of which 9 are portraitz of famous guyz i really, really like!!! since 4 of them are of the memberz of disturbed and are currently in the process of being blended into one larger tatt of the whole band (only about 3 hourz to go) i am now looking forward to my next project, which i have decided will be jensen. i may get jared too, i haven't really decided on that yet, but i definitely want to get jensen.

so how about helping out with some suggestionz, ppl??? i am debating between serious dean, smirking dean, pissed off i'm gunna kill you dean, sad dean and cheeky dean. of course, the obvious solution iz to get all five, but where do i start??? anyone care to comment???

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