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dude, where's my hair??? - Puppy's Kennel
dude, where's my hair???

the world's greatest shave. to help raise money for the leukemia foundation, people shave their heads, right? so, they decided we were gunna do it at work. being the helpful little puppy that i am, i volunteered. there were three volunteers, i was the only chick. so, on the day, they set it up in an interview room! great, huh? it's not like you actually need good light to shave someone's head or anything! *rolls eyes* one of the guys went first. he was only willing to go to the number one comb. what a wuss!!! then it was my turn.

mkay, so i keep my hair fairly short, but what the heck. it's only hair. it will grow back. one of the girl's in my section, anne, voluteered to do the deed, so after we had done the "before" shots, it was time to get started. what number, they asked. hehehe, number none, says the brave puppy. what, no comb? are you sure? yep, i'm sure! go for it!!!

they used the number one comb first. my hair may not be all that long, but they didn't wanna take a chance. once that was done, they asked again. are you sure you want to do this??? oh, yeah!!! i'm so sure!!!!

ta da!!! no hair cuts for puppy for a few months!!! a quick clean up and we were ready for the after shot.

ps. i heard that the other guy wussed out at number one as well!!! woo hoo!!! i win!!!! now if people would shut up and stop calling me brave, i'd be a happy little puppy.

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moondropz From: moondropz Date: March 14th, 2009 02:53 pm (UTC) (Link)
That's awesome! And it was for a wonderful cause too! Yay!
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