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Are You Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter? - Puppy's Kennel
Are You Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter?
You Are MySpace
You are young ... or at least you feel like you are. You are drawn to musicians and artists.
You are proud of who you are. Your quirks are an asset, and you flaunt them!

You are attracted to shiny things, and you aren't afraid of a little bling.
You're stubborn enough to stick to what your like, even if falls out of fashion.

wot can i say??? lj just wozn't one of the optionz!!! still, it'z probly just as well, since i don't have a facebook or twitter account. i do have myspace. who knew that there would be over sixty pplz around the world who'd be interested in being friendz with one sick little puppy???

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