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who knows teh puppy? - Puppy's Kennel
who knows teh puppy?
the answer would appear to be 'nearly everyone'!!!! LMAO, day 1, when it came time to collect our photos, there was a huge queue. as i wander past to find the back of the queue, one of the hub staff calls out to me. they have one of my pix, the one with jensen. i'm like "huh???" they laugh and tell me "you're in the memorable pile." bwuhh??? me??? memorable??? who knew?
so as i continue round to the end of the queue (i still have to get my misha pic, but the jared pix and the sandwich pix are not ready yet) people are saying "hey, you're sick puppy!" a few actually ask to take pix of my tattoo of the boys. when i finally get to the front of the queue, it's the dude who collected the tickets at the photo ops. he's like "wait. i've seen your photo." two seconds later and i have my misha photo.
then it's time for autographs. i had picked up one for misha and have three for jensen, two for jared and one joint jensen/jared one. as the queue for misha was huge, i decided to wait until the next day to get misha's and saved the joint signature and one each for jensen and jared. so first i go to jensen. he has a big smile for me and obviously remembers me. i got him to sign the pic of me and him and, as requested by my tattoo artist, a plain sheet of white paper. i told him it was to add to the tattoo and he's like "wow! awesome." as i don't have my jared pic yet, i just hand him the plain white paper and tell him "whatever you write on there is going on my tattoo!" LMAO, he said "well, i'd better make it good then!" and signs his name. as it turned out, i could have just gotten something else signed, as my tattooist decided to use the personalised signatures i got on my sandwich shot on day two.
a while later and they announce that the rest of the photos have arrived. so, back into a queue again and still more people who know who i am and want pix or to shake hands. dude, that is just weird!!! these people are supposed to be here to see jensen, jared and misha, not me!!! i get up to the front of the queue and they are letting a few people in at a time to look for their photos. i quickly spot my sandwich photo, but where is my jare pic??? noooooo!!! no pic of me and jared!!! :( as it turned out, quite a few people were missing their jared pix and some of them their sandwich pix. so they were taking down descriptions of people and said they were going to get them reprinted. in the end, i gave up waiting, coz there were no new pix arriving and said i would be back tomorrow. they told me "great. you will be able to pick them up then."
so, now it is time to go back to my hotel. only one problem. i followed some other people from my hotel and, now that it's dark, i can't remember how to get back there!!! luckily for me, one of the girls from the channel ten forum is staying at the same hotel and agrees to walk back with me. thank god for julie!!!

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From: teamjackles Date: April 26th, 2009 08:45 am (UTC) (Link)


Seems like you had an awesome weekend!

Yeah about 400 pictures of fans and Jared got chewed up in the printer..

Mine didn't! haha i got mine on the sunday which i think you probably already know that.. But i'm still waiting for it in the mail! so hopefully this week i will get it!
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